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The Nios II processors are three (Fast, Econonomy, and Standard) configurable 32-bit embedded processors for Altera's FPGAs and SoCs.

All cores support up to 256 custom instructions, up to 4 tightly-coupled memories and the configurable debug core.

Recently released are also the Nios II Gen2 cores. These are binary compatible cores with improvements to support additional features. For example, optional full ECC support, 32-bit memory address range, peripheral memory region and improved mul and div instructions.

To develop software applications for Nios II, download the Nios II Embedded Design Suite.

Learn about using Linux for the Nios II Processor.

Nios News

Nios Videos

A few videos to help you get started with the Nios II processor, and to inspire your next design.

5 Easy Steps to Building an Embedded Processor System in an FPGA 5 Reasons to Put Your Processor on an FPGA Developing Software for the Nios II Processor Duck Hunt on an Altera DE2 board

Wall of NEEK (Nios eval kits)

For more videos please go to

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