Using the USB-Blaster as an SOPC/Qsys Avalon-MM master Tutorial

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JTAG-to-Avalon-MM Tutorial System Diagram

JTAG-to-Avalon-MM tutorial system design

This tutorial walks the user through the creation, simulation, and hardware testing of an Avalon system created using both SOPC Builder and Qsys.

Tutorial Features

  • Altera JTAG-to-Avalon-MM Master
  • Altera Verification IP Avalon-MM BFM Master
  • Simulation using Modelsim-ASE
  • Tcl synthesis scripts to automate the re-generation of the SOPC and Qsys systems
  • Tcl simulation scripts to automate running the testbenches
  • Hardware communication from the host PC using System Console and quartus_stp
  • Example of a TCP/IP server under System Console and quartus_stp
  • Example of a TCP/IP client written as a Tcl/Tk GUI and as a C command-line interface
  • Synthesis examples for the BeMicro-SDK, BeMicro, and DE2

Tutorial Downloads


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